Four out of ten Norwegians have seen children with drunk adults in “the South”

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40% of the respondents in a new survey have seen drunk adults with children on holiday in “the South”.

A recent survey Respons Analysis was commissioned to carry out for the alcohol organization, On-and-Off (Av-og-til), showed that 40% of

Norwegians said that they have seen drunk adults together with children in hotels in “the South”. 25% have had the same experience at campsites in Norway. The figures are based on 2,317 interviews.

‘’I am not surprised that southern holidays are the situation where most people have seen drunk adults with children. Something happens to us when we go through the security check, and we push our boundaries into “the South”. Alcohol is much cheaper and more accessible than at home in Norway. All too often, the children come home with bad memories’’ said Randi Hagen Eriksrud of Av-og-til.

Eriksrud believes that the summer holidays can be a particularly difficult period for children who experience that their parents drink more during holidays. She pointed out that what adults can experience as positive effects of the alcohol can seem different for the children. Thus, it is important to think about how much we drink when children are present, she believes.

‘’Studies we have done among children showed that most children think adults can drink a maximum of two glasses when they are with them. I think this is a good idea for adults even before the summer holidays’’ said Eriksrud.

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