Game safaris may become a tourist trend

Musk.Photo: Heiko Junge / NTB scanpix

Experts believe wild safaris could become new tourist trend in Norway

Norwegian tourism experts believe seeing wild animals in Norwegian nature has great potential as a trend among tourists who come to Norway.

Tourism experts have, according to Dagsavisen newspaper, ranked twenty-three nature-based travel trends based on what will turn into the next ten years’ major new trends. In first place were wild safaris and wild animal hunting. In the back spots were cycling, nature photography, hiking and the ski touring and alpine ski touring.

Professor Peter Fredman of the Faculty of Environmental Science and Nature Management at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences is the project manager for BIOTOUR. It is a four-year, interdisciplinary
research project that explores the possibilities for further development of nature-based tourism in Norway.

He joined the WWF World Nature Fund and the Sosialistisk Venstreparti (SV), who previously stated that more should be invested in wild tourism in Norway. On February the 19th, a seminar will be arranged on this in parliament.

“Very good planning is needed in co-operation with those who manage wild animals in Norway, and the tourists must also be well informed so that they know how to behave in the face of, for example, a musk,” said Fredman, but emphasised that this must happen in a sustainable way without disturbing the wild animals.

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