Giant cabin planned, with capacity for 200 people at Trolltunga

TrolltungaTROLLTUNGA.Photo: Jenny Pettersson / TT kod

The number of visitors to Trolltunga is expected to exceed 100,000 this year. The tourist board have sent out an invitation for shared funding to build a cabin for exhausted tourists.


‘We envisage a cabin that must be reasonably large, to match the demand in those months when there are many visitors’, said Helene Ødven, manager of Bergen and Hordaland Turlag.

The Tourist Association has now started planning a cabin with beds for up to 200 people. It would make Trolltunga safer for the growing number of visitors to the area.

Over 80,000 people ascended Trolltunga last year. Volunteers conduct many rescues and bailouts for those struggling each year.

This year marks the first time visitor numbers are expected to reach 100,000.

‘A cabin would remove the need for the vast majority of rescue operations, which are primarily due to exhausted tourists. These people would be able to go in there to rest. It would mean the Red Cross won’t have to scramble so often’, said Ødven.
The Tourist Association won’t finance the project itself. They have previously asked that the state should take financial responsibility for safety and security in the area.

Now they have concrete plans, and have begun the hunt for investors who are willing to split into the tens of millions necessary for the project.

‘This will soon cost up to 50 million, and it is something quite different from the projects we have a tradition of carrying forward with the tour fund. So for us, it is important that costs are shared between the state, and other organizations that may look at this as something that is socially useful’, said Ødven.
Source: / Norway Today