Green Light Given for Holidays in Europe, But Only in Countries With Low Infection Rates

Prime Minister Erna SolbergPrime Minister Erna Solberg.Photo: Annika Byrde / NTB scanpix

In three weeks, both tourists and Norwegians going out on holiday in Europe will not be placed in quarantine, but only for countries that have control over the virus. 

– “By the way things look right now, Germany would for example, be green, Portugal red, while Spain, is what we would call a gray zone since we do not have good enough information to evaluate it based on  the criteria.”, said The Health Minister Bent Høie(H) when he and the government presented the new travel advisory on Wednesday. 

The Peoples Health Institute has been given the task to make a map over which countries fulfill a set of objective requirements in relation to the pandemic. The countries that will be given the green light will be approved as holiday destinations for Norwegians and simultaneously, tourists from these countries will be allowed in Norway without quarantine from the 15th of July. 

Is subject to change

The map for Schengen and EEA  areas will be ready by the 10th of July and will be updated every 14 days with regards to the Virus.

-”A person can consequently risk booking a holiday at a point when infectious levels are low, but a few weeks later have an increased level of infection and will no longer fit the criterias for a green light. In which case, said person would be placed in quarantine upon arrival back home. There is also a risk of local restrictions. For instance, Germany has locked down two areas due to an outbreak of infections. Spain has done the same with one region.” said Prime Minister Erna Solberg (H).

She clearly emphasizes that the situation is very uncertain.

-” It is not only up to the Norwegian authorities to decide. In actuality, it is the situation of the virus that is crucial. So to travel abroad carries a great deal of volatility.” Stresses Solberg.

Gotland lost approval

If you want to be certain, then you must plan to have your holiday in Norway according to the prime minister. She had with her a fresh example on how the travel advisory could change quickly. She mentioned that Norwegians could no longer travel to Gotland, Sweden without ending up in quarantine as they have been able to for the past two weeks. 

-” FHI came today with an updated assessment that shows that the situation in Gotland no longer meets the criteria.”, said Solberg during the press conference. 

Apart from Sweden, you can travel to other parts of the Nordic region without risking quarantine upon arrival back home. 

-Not encouragement

Alongside with the government’s requirement for quarantine upon return from Europe, The official advisory from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has also been to avoid travel outside the “green-lit” areas in the Nordic countries.

As the quarantine rules change so will the Ministry of Foreign Affairs update their travel advisory. 

-”Although the Ministry of Foreign Affairs made exceptions from the travel advisories to the countries recommended by the FHI,  it is not a call to travel. Those planning to travel must know the restrictions and  infection control measures for the countries they plan to travel too.” Said the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Eriksen Søreide. 

She adds, the progress of the virus in europe is still unclear and can rapidly change.

-”Each individual must carefully consider if it is needed to travel.” Said the Minister of Foreign Affairs

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