Hike with Pride!

Hike with PrideEystein Opdøl and Jan Håvard Knee are welcoming guests at Renndølsetra in beautiful Innerdalen. Photo: Thomas Rasmus Skog /VisitNorway.com

Hike with Pride! Dating in the mountains

The colourful beanies made by DNT, the Norwegian Trekking Organization, make flirting easier than ever when hiking in the Norwegian mountains. Magic might happen if you wear the green beanie for singles or the new rainbow-coloured Pride beanie.

The head of The Norwegian Trekking Association, Dag Terje Solvang – married to Norwegian Minister of Health, Bent Høie – shares his tips when it comes to flirting and amazing trails in Norway.

“I believe in the outdoors as an arena for flirting,” Dag Terje Solvang states, adding:

“I call it as «sustainable» to get to know someone you like in the mountains rather than in a bar, and hiking has proved a welcome replacement for the usual dating apps. You also have a greater chance to meet someone sharing the same, healthy interest.”

Dag Terje Solvang wearing DNT’s Pride beanie. Photo: Monica Langen.

The Pride beanie has made hiking in Norwegian nature even more exciting, and if you would like to go with like-minded people from the very start, you are welcome to join independent, dedicated tour groups. Two of the most popular are Fjellgruppen – for «men who like men who like mountains» and Lesbisk Turlag (Lesbian Hiking Group).
Besides, The Norwegian Trekking Association arranges tours for everyone, Dag Terje says, adding that:

hiking and flirting in Norway is a fast-growing trend.

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The association organized an event called #helenorgedaterute in August 2018, which can be translated into “the whole country is dating in the great outdoors”. It has even written down a few humorous rules on how to hit on someone whilst hiking (Fjellsjekkeregler in Norwegian).

Hiking and flirting in Norway is a fast-growing trend, according to the secretary-general of The Norwegian Trekking Association (DNT). Photo: Bård Basberg

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