Hope for Norwegians to keep the tourism industry going this summer

Helgeland coast.Helgeland coast. Photo by Rita de Lange, Fjord Travel Norway

It is not yet clear what advice applies to domestic travel this summer, but Minister of Trade and Industry Iselin Nybø hopes Norwegians can help the tourism industry.

“We must adhere to the advice that applies at all times. It could also change between now and the summer. But as it looks now, I think many will be able to look forward to a Norwegian holiday,” Nybø stated at Thursday’s press conference on the corona situation.

She hopes that this will be the summer where many can go to new places in Norway and experience, for example, Bryggen in Bergen or the UNESCO World Heritage site in Røros.

“It is important that not everyone travels to the cabin, but that people use the hotels, eat at the restaurants and use the adventure services. This is how we can keep tourism going. It is an industry that has been hit very hard,” she says.

For longer trips also inland in Norway, it may be appropriate to travel by air. Health Minister Bent Høie (Høyre) states that work is underway on new infection prevention recommendations for flights.

“There has been no problem with very few passengers on board lately, but efforts are being made to find good routines for flights in collaboration between the Directorate of Health and the Ministry of Transport. This is a real issue when air traffic recovers,” says Høie.

He also emphasizes that leisure travel advice can be changed before the summer.

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  1. What an idyllically beautiful scene, Norway Today. Tusen takk for det.

    But the real blockbuster news today is on Nettavisen and what Dr. Gunhild Alvik Nyborg had said in March on NRK about the need for a dramatic lockdown, which showcases what happens if we come out of lockdown now without doing EVERYTHING possible – facemasks? – to try to stop the disease’s spread.

    Note that she was speaking out without her employer’s – the University Hospital’s – permission and that NRK exposed her on that … but that she was saying that as a doctor she felt a Duty which could not let her remain silent.

    Aren’t the unions for school teachers and bus drivers and train conductors concerned for their safety … at all? Where are they, on this? Even London’s Mayor Khan has publicly asked Britain’s government to support everyone facemasking in public.

    Or are the unions in Norway just tools of the government?

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