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Ice Fishing in the Lyngen Alps

Ice fishing is a very popular activityIce fishing is a very popular activity .Photo

Ice fishing is a very popular activity in the Lyngen Alps, and is a great way to try your fishing luck. If the fish bite, the heart rate increases and it’s exciting to find out what is on the hook.

Equipped with ice drill, fishing rods and lures we go out on a frozen lake that contains a variety of fish, including trout. When the fish bite, you won’t have to worry about keeping it fresh, it can become part of your lunch that day. Hot drinks and food around a campfire create a true “wilderness feeling” on this trip. We supply all necessary equipment, including thermal suits and boots, and wish you “skitt fiske”, as we say in Norway (could translate into “break a leg” 🙂 ).

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Source: / Norway Today

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