Increase the chances of surviving a plane crash

Airplane flight safety,flightPassenger jet plane. Photo: Pixabay

The risks of losing one’s life on a flight are very small.But as small as they are, there are things you can do to further reduce the risk.


If you fly from Oslo to Trondheim with any airline,any day,there is a risk of a crash of 1 in 2,675,590.Statistically, it means you have to fly the same route every single day for 7330 years, so there’s a real risk of the plane you’re in, actually coming down wrote ABC news,which tested an app that’s counting on just this.

Equally,there are precautions you can take to survive in the case of fatalities. Reader’s Digest has created a checklist.According to flight and airline expert, Per
Julius Helweg,there is absolutely a lot to do to affect this.

Seat selection

The safest part of the plane is behind the wings.A study magazine,Popular Mechanics,researched 20 aircraft accidents from 1971 to 2007,with both dead and surviving passengers,and showed that those who were in the rear of the cabin had 69% chance of survival,while those in the first class at the front of the plane only had a 49% chance.Several recent studies have confirmed the same trend.It is safest to sit at the rear of the plane wrotethe Telegraph newspaper.

In addition to the emergency exits, you are more likely to get out quickly in evacuations.

“Most accidents occur during landing and departure, and then the tail section and the middle section can withstand more shock.You are safest in the aisle backwards from the center of the plane” said Per Julius Helweg to VG newspaper.

Hand luggage

The flight crew always asks you to keep the aisle free of luggage.The reason is simple; in case of evacuation,bags should not block escape routes.

If the airplane has to be evacuated, leave hand-baggage behind,no matter what it contains.The time you spend on luggage can mean the difference between life or death.

‘’The hand luggage must be small,And it will always be left on the plane during evacuation” said Helweg.

Landing position

The safest way to sit during a crash landing is the emergency landing position illustrated on the safety card in the pocket of the seat in front of you.The feet
well planted on the floor and the head bent to the knees or back of the seat in front.

Several studies show that passengers have survived aircraft accidents just because they have been sitting this way wrote the Telegraph.

‘’Protect yourself by sitting in this way, but also keep track of how and where the aircraft eventually stops, so you can evacuate safely’’ Helweg said.

Its tight

According to Reader’s Digest, a simulator test performed by Boeing in 2015 showed that those who collided as described above, and used safety belts, had the greatest chance of surviving a crash.

But travel writer,Odd Roar Lange,wrote that the most important reason for having the belt on throughout the flight is that you can be seriously injured by turbulence.

“Always keep it on anyway” said Per Julius Helweg to VG newspaper.

“Even during parking, people are seriously injured if they open up the belt and get up.

Pressure drop

In the same moment the oxygen mask falls down from the hatch over you,put it on. Lack of oxygen can make you unconscious in 20 seconds.That is why you should
always wear your own mask before helping others.You can not help someone if you can’t breathe.


The safest thing to wear on airplanes is flame retardant clothing.68% of all deaths in the event of a plane crash are due to fire after the plane has hit the ground, not the actual crash wrote Scientific American journal.

Therefore,be sure not to wear flammable synthetic fabrics of polyester or nylon. Instead, use natural materials like wool and cotton. It is also wise to wear long pants such as jeans, and long-sleeved sweaters for extra protection against flames and sharp objects.

‘’If your trip is above low temperature scenarios,wear these clothes on departure and during the flight. Thenyou can dress more easily” said Per Julius Helweg.


Keep the shoes on as long as the plane is on the ground,and during departure and flight.They are your most important evacuation garment” said Helweg.

Reader’s Digest pointed out that the best shoes on the flight are those you never need to take care of.Loose flip flops can prevent evacuation, and high heel shoes
can both cause you to stumble and destroy the inflatable emergency exit slide.The best is to wear a pair of comfortable running shoes all the time.Loose shoes can get in the way of other passengers and prevent your own mobility.


Source: VG / Norway Today