It will be now possible to cross Vøringsfossen

Vøringsfossen.Vøringsfossen.Photo: Marianne Løvland / NTB scanpix


Tourists and guests will soon have a new way to experience the spectacular Vøringsfossen. From the 21st of August you will be able to walk over the gushing attraction.

Recently, the Norwegian Public Roads Administration completed a stair bridge over the 182 meter high Vøringsfossen. This will make it possible to see the whole gorge with Måbødalen at the bottom from the 99th step.

-” There has beena strong current with 80 cubic meters per second. Although this was not of any practical significance for the installation, it has been quite an experience to work in this environment.”, said the project leader, Kjersti Wold, of the Norwegian Public Roads Administration. 

The new bridge will connect Fossetromma and Fossil, and is being built as a part of the Nasjonal Turistveier project, where unconventional architecture is combined with beautiful nature. 

Two years ago the first phase of construction was completed. Viewing points, stairs, fences and toilets were built at Fossil Hotel.

16 meter height difference

The overpass was installed in seven parts, it has a span of 47 meters and a height of 16 meters. It is designed by the architect Carl-Viggo Hølmebakk and will be open to the public on August 21.

The plans for the bridge were not just well received when presented two years ago. SV’s representative at the parliament  and nature photographer, Arne Nævre, believed the bridge to be an insult to nature.

-”Vøringsfossen is a national icon that we should be very careful to not mess up. We have a tradition that nature should be experienced as it is.”, said Nævra to NRK.

Attracts many to Vestlandet

The tourist industry is happy that it is now safe and easy to visit Norway’s most famous waterfall.

-” It is absolutely fantastic. The bridge is nice and will attract many to Eidfjord, Hardanger, Vestlandet, and Norway.”, said General Manager, Marit Stadheim, to NRK. 

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