Kongevegen over Filefjell

KongevegenKongevegen over Filefjell.Photo:kongevegenoverfilefjell.com

The King’s Road across Filefjell – is a collaborative project involving the public and private sectors.

It aims to teach people about the importance of the history of transport over Filefjell, and to support the creation of a 100 km long continuous cultural herit- age path between Lærdalsøyri and Vang. The historic Royal Route is the theme for the project, but where it no longer exists or is unsuitable for hiking alternative paths are combined to a continuous route.

Galdane – The dramatic Galdane along the River Lærdalselvi is today a lovely footpath. From Sjurhaugen to Seltun, approximately 4 km. It makes a great circuit with return via Seltunåsen. READ MORE about Kongevegen over Filefjell

Source: kongevegenoverfilefjell.com / Norway Today