Kvitfjell is gearing up for autumn holidays – with snow!

SkiingPhoto: Emma Paillex / Unsplash

Snow has covered the Treningsbakken (training ground) at Kvitfjell ski resort, so it can now be used again.

The resort was closed in March due to the corona pandemic, but the snow has now been prepared through the snowmaking process – just in time for the autumn season.

“About half of the snow is last year’s snow that we took in from the surrounding terrain”, marketing manager of the resort Veslemøy Eineteig Wedum noted.

More opportunities

Usually, the offer to use the service has been reserved for training clubs and teams, but this year the offer has been expanded both in terms of who can use it and the scope of the offer.

“This year we have decided that this offer is also valid for our season card holders”, she said.

The produced snow has been stored under tarpaulin since March when the resort had to shut down.

A total of 70,000 cubic meters of snow have been waiting for the autumn holidays.

“This year, new additions include opportunities for giant slalom (Slalåm skiing). In addition, we have supplemented the trail with lights”, Wedum added.

Dream holidays

Kvitfjell has been storing snow for more than two years now.

It is the only resort in Norway that engages in the storing process, so it is no coincidence that the offer is now extended to those with season tickets.

“We have made a separate schedule for season ticket holders, so they can use the snow for a couple of hours every day during the autumn holidays.

For anyone who is eager and has prepped their skis and was waiting for snow, this is an excellent offer…

A perfect autumn holiday, mountains, snow, and skiing,” she concluded.

Kvitfjell Alpinanlegg has an ordinary season opening on November 7, while Hafjell Alpinsenter opens on November 21.

Source: Alpinco / Norway Today


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