Locals in Norway’s tourist areas want tourist tax


The tourist influx to Norway is increasing sharply but locals in the more popular destinations are unhappy. A majority of the locals now want the introduction of a tourist tax, Aftenposten reports.

According to Innovation Norway Bergen, Stavanger, Ålesund, Stranda (Geiranger), Lofoten, Aurland, Stryn and Longyearbyen are the pressure destinations for the tourism industry during the summer season.

According to a recent survey from Innovation Norway, dissatisfaction is now high among two-thirds of the local population in these areas: 69 percent said tourists bring in garbage, 62 percent complain they destroy nature and 65 percent want to introduce tourist tax.

Innovation Norway started collecting data on people’s attitudes to tourists last year. One important reason was that they wanted to know whether Norwegian tourist destinations are about to replicate what is happening in a number of European cities.

Extensive protests against mass tourism, especially against the invasion by cruise tourists have been rife in popular cities such as Dubrovnik, Barcelona and Venice. Increasingly more people have been trying to limit the traffic of huge cruise ships along the Norwegian coast. 

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  1. William Mark Worden | 14. November 2019 at 03:45 | Reply

    I am an American (tourist), with family in Norway Ulsteinvik and Hareid, which I visited for 10 days this year. First one back in 106 years. I flew to Alesund from Oslo, and did a tourist day while driving to another family members farm near Andalsnes, via Geirangerfjord. I do not like it when 3cruise ships are in Alesund at the same time.

    I see the point, but please do not lump the foreign born Norwegians visiting family (outside of tourist areas) with the rest of the tourists.

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