Lofoten: The man who hiked the world

Lofoten Svolvær HikingWhat a Feeling🎶 The summit looking over the harbour of Svolvær, Lofoten Islands. Photo: Peter Elia

Make your hiking dreams a reality in Lofoten

“I’ve had the time of my life…. and I owe it all to you!” No, not Dirty Dancing but hiking in the Lofoten Islands!


Peter Elia

Peter Elia

The one thing that is clear about a hiking visit to Norway is that one visit is not enough. Norway has an abundance of magical hiking regions across its vast country, so it wasn’t easy to know where to start.

As my trip to Norway was scheduled for August, I decided to head 100 miles north of the Arctic Circle and spent a week in the Lofoten Islands with plenty of daylight hours.

I flew from Oslo to Narvik and headed straight to the fishing villages of Svolvær (2 nights stay) and later in Reine (3 nights stay) along the E10 motorway, the gateway to Lofoten’s towering peaks, majestic fjords, long white sandy beaches and with dramatic landscapes like this, I was feeling more excited than a child on Christmas Eve.

If you want hiking heaven, then you’ve got it! Lofoten’s unforgettable hikes have more twists and turns than an episode of Game of Thrones!

I was overwhelmed by the sheer selection of trails and there are a wide range of hikes covering every experience and fitness level. Coastal walks are generally the easiest like the idyllic Bunes Beach hike. This is great for families and there’s a cool little boat ride to get there too from Vindstad or get stuck in to some bad boy mountain scrambles suitable for more adventurous like the Svolværgeita (Svolvær Goat) or the Å to Stokkavika Beach hike. These hikes are not for the faint hearted, steep in parts over rocky ground and physically challenging at times. However, both hikes had me reaching for my camera to photograph those incredible vistas reaching all the way back to Norway’s Mainland and I felt like I was on top of the world.


Rorbu Lofoten Peter Elia

Should I Stay or Should I Go? 🎶
Reine: This tiny and incredibly picturesque fishing village is one of best places to stay whilst exploring the Lofoten Islands. photo: Peter Elia

After my Viking hiking experiences each evening, I would return to my fisherman’s hut for some hot food, rest and relaxation. Sparingly across the Lofoten Islands lay charming villages and if you’re planning to visit, then I would recommend a stay in a classic Norwegian fishing cottage known as a Rorbu (converted boat shed). I rented a cosy Rorbu in Svolvær and Reine but they are available in many seaside villages. Equipped with all mod cons, these charming and rustic wooden fishermen’s huts are great for self-catering and a comfortable stay. I had an unforgettable experience sitting out on the balcony over the water, surrounded by beautiful jagged mountains as the sun goes down.

I’m confident that Lofoten will live up to most people’s hiking aspirations but if you want to take the day off from walking, there are plenty of wonderful activities available including, whale watching, canoeing, cycling and wildlife tours. In addition, summer will provide you with up to 24 hours daylight, so you can start your hikes or other pursuits at a time of your convenience.

The Lofoten Islands is a region of Norway that needs to be discovered on foot and the rewards will provide you with plenty of thrilling adventures and leave you with many enduring memories.

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