Lost passports will be void after using an emergency passport

Norwegian emergency passportNorwegian emergency passport: Terje Bendiksby / Scanpix

Many people must resort to emergency passports when they can’t find their old passport before a foreign holiday, but not everybody knows that the old passport is invalid if you find it again.


Last year, 29,685 emergency passports were issued in Norway. This is an increase of approximately 3,000 emergency passports over 2016.

‘’If someone tells us that they have lost their passports and they receive an emergency passport, we remind them that the old passport will be void in our systems and can’t be used. If they find it again, it should be delivered to the passport office,” said Anne Marie Almaas, Head of Division at the Police Public Center in Stokke, to NRK news.

There are also a number of countries that do not accept emergency passports. As a result, you may risk not entering the country if the original passport has expired or is gone when you travel.

“An emergency passport is basically a slightly poor solution. It’s much easier to fake, and the risk of identity theft increases. An emergency passport also costs as much as an ordinary passport. But if the country you are going to travel to accepts emergency passports, you will be traveling on the trip you have booked. There is a friend in need now and then,” said Almaas.


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