More money for national footpaths

Rich Chinese people leaving a lot of money in Rogaland Pulpit RockPreikestolen (the Pulpit Rock). Photo

The Government, and their supporting parties (the Liberals and the Christian Democrats) have allocated NOK 7.5 million towards the new National hiking trails scheme, and the money is to be distributed through the Directorate of Environment.

The Pulpit rock

The so-called Pulpit Rock is one of the tourist magnets that are now getting support for the improvement of trails, parking and volunteers as a result of an influx of tourists.

– Many of our tourist destinations, such as the Pulpit and Trolltunga (Tongue of the Troll) are seeing strong growth in the number of visitors. The increase use must be made in a way that protects both nature and the experience at the same time.

There is an urgent focus on limiting the wear and tear of the trails, removal of garbage and increase the safety, Minister for Climate and Environment Vidar Helgesen says.

Tourist Magnet

the Ministry has received 32 new applications. After careful consideration four areas with a strong increase in the number of visitors and therefore problems concerning wear, tear and safety received grants for 2017.

The four areas are Trolltunga, Gaustatoppen, the Pulpit Rock and nearby Kjerag. These are among the largest tourist magnets. This has led to increased creation of income locally. At the same time the flow of tourists lead to challenges.

Money for repairs

Trolltunga gets NOK 2.8 million to bettering of trails, bridges and increased safety. Kjerag receive NOK 2.6 million for the improvement of trails, parking and patrols. The Pulpit Rock gets NOK 1.7 million for the same purposes.

Gaustatoppen has had 100,000 visitors in 2016. The upper part of the trail was created in 2014 with monies from ‘Natural heritage – creating value’. But there has been excessive wear on the trail since the inauguration and therefore NOK 400 000 has been granted for repairs. This will reduce the risk of landslides and also protect the surrounding vegetation.

Increased local value creation

– The Environment Agency continues to work on the development of national trails to provide areas with large visiting a positive development. How the Government is to facilitate better use of nature in a sustainable manner and also increase local value creation. We believe this can be as great a success in the development of national tourist roads, Helgesen concludes.


Source: / Norway Today