More Norwegians are booking holidays for 2021: “Travel optimism is back, people are planning ahead”

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As news of coronavirus vaccine progress continues to be reported, sales of holiday trips in Norway have also started to liven up, TUI reports.

“This is, of course, far from a normal sales year, and volumes are still low. But we see a positive trend, travel optimism is back, and people are starting to plan and look ahead,” communications manager Nora Aspengren at TUI in Norway told news bureau NTB.

The global tour operator TUI also compared sales figures from Norway in the last two weeks with the weeks before. 

Sales of holiday trips in the summer of 2021 have increased by 111% in the said period, while the increase amounts to 262% for trips next winter.

TUI did not want to reveal the number of trips they sold.

This year’s holiday moved to 2021

One factor that is likely to limit sales compared to last year is that many already have a holiday trip ready – unused travel trips from this year, which they have chosen to move to next year rather than being reimbursed for expenses.

At the government’s press conference on Wednesday, the government was asked by NTB whether it was wise for Norwegians to start booking summer holidays for 2021.

“That is an assessment that each individual must make. But it is the case that we expect to live with the pandemic also in 2021. 

“If everything goes well with the vaccine, with the approval, production, and distribution, then the summer of 2021 could be different than the summer of 2020,” Minister of Health and Care Services Bent Høie (H) said.

Høie noted that, when planning, one must take into account that the situation will be different in different countries.

“It is, unfortunately, the case that we are in a time when engaging in that type of long-term planning is a little more difficult than it has been before,” he said.

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