Nine out of ten would limit foreign tourism

PULPIT ROCKPULPIT ROCK.Photo: Paul Kleiven / NTB scanpix

As many as nine out of ten Norwegians believe that foreign tourism in Norway should be limited, according to a new survey from the Norwegian Corona Monitor.

Out of the 1,490 Norwegians surveyed, 890% answered that tourism should be limited. This is according to a survey conducted by Opinion. 

Only 5% disagree, while 6% have not made up their minds.

Women are more in favor of tourist restrictions than men, with 92 % against 87%. The proportion of those who are in favor of restrictions is greatest among those under 30, with 93%. 

-”Norwegians are currently in agreement on limiting tourism in Norway, where about 9 of 10 believe this regardless of age, gender and geography.”, Senior Advisor, Nora Clausen, of Opinion said. 

Clausen believes that the support for tourism restrictions came from the fact that most Norwegians do not want to go through a new closing of society. 

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