Nordkapp – Journey to the end of the world

Nordkapp.The end of the worldNordkapp.The end of the world. Photo

“Here I stand at Nordkapp, the extreme of Finnmark, at the very end of the world,” said Franscesco Negri in the winter of 1664. Over 300 years later, Nordkapp has become a major destination. The mighty plateau rises 307 meters above the Arctic Ocean, and marks the end point of the European mainland.

The ultimate experience of nature

The journey to Nordkapp is unforgettable. The scenery is breathtaking. Cliff coast that plunges down into the endless sea, treeless plains and picturesque fishing villages. Frozen shores and snow-capped mountains in winter, a coastline rich in wildlife and history. Endless daylight and haunting landscapes in summer. The journey to Nordkapp is a unique experience of nature.

The magical light

Enjoy the soft veil of polar twilight in winter. Become captivated by northern lights shimmering across the sky. Experience the magic of winter at Nordkapp, and explore a fascinating arctic summer with the soft glow of the midnight sun at the extreme north of Europe. This is the realm of contrasts, and it is impossible to forget the beauty of this journey.

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Source: / Norway Today