Norwegian Air with over 20 extra departures the next few days

The airline NorwegianThe airline Norwegian.Photo: Norway Today Media

While the SAS strike leads to hundreds of cancellations, Norwegian sets 8 extra domestic departures Monday and 14 Tuesday.

Only on the Oslo-Tromsø route and back there are four extra departures Monday, according to an overview from Norwegian.

Otherwise, during the two days there will be extra flights in both directions on the routes Oslo-Trondheim, Oslo-Bodø, Oslo-Bergen and Oslo-Stavanger.

The Head, Jan Levi Skogvang of Scandinavian Norway Flygerforening said on Friday to NTB that he is positive that Norwegian has put in extra departures in connection with the pilot strike in SAS.

“We do not want to hit third parties, that is, the passengers. It is helpful that Norwegian has the capacity to set up extra departures,” he said.

But SAS colleagues dislike the positive words about the competitor, according to information manager Knut Morten Johansen. He says to Flysmart24 that he does not dispute the pilots’ right to strike, but reacts to the fact that they support Norwegian, which he believes exploits the situation.

Trade union leader Skogvang, on the other hand, does not regret the statement and says it was in support of the passengers and not to Norwegian-chief Bjørn Kjos.

© NTB Scanpix / #Norway Today

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