Norwegian plane had to land in Iran

airline NorwegianThe airline Norwegian. Photo: Norway Today Media

Norwegian aircraft got engine problems and landed in Iran

A Norwegian aircraft that was on its way to Oslo from Dubai had to make a controlled security landing in Iran after problems occurred in one engine.


The plane circled over Iran for a while before landing without incident.

“We are working on getting our passengers further from Iran and making the least inconvenient for them,” said Andrea Jørnholm, Press Contact, from Norwegian to VG.

There are 186 passengers on board the plane. According to Jørnholm, there was no smoke or other visible signs of engine problems inside the aircraft.

– “The plane landed safely. Safety always comes first, and we do not fly anywhere with that plane until we know what caused the problem,” he told NTB.

Norwegian has already begun to work on getting the passengers from Iran.


© NTB scanpix / #Norway Today