Norwegian airline pilot failed an alcohol test inspection

The Airline NorwegianIllustrasjon.The airline Norwegian.Photo. Norway Today Media

A Norwegian airline pilot who was set to fly from Helsinki to Dubai on Friday had to be taken out of service after Finnish police stopped him in an alcohol test reported Dagbladet newspaper.


According to the Swedish-language Finnish newspaper, Hufvudstadsbladet, witnesses on the plane had said they saw the captain take a, alcohol promille test.

Mika Laine, head of the Eastern police, confirmed to the Finnish newspaper,
Iltalehti,that a Norwegian captain was taken by the police before the aircraft was to take off. He also said that a notification was submitted, but didn’t say whether it was alcohol or other drugs.

Norwegian spokesman, Astrid Mannon-Gibson, confirmed the episode to Dagbladet.

‘’It is true that a pilot inspection at Helsinki Airport has been conducted.One of our pilots had to take an extra check with the police, which meant he was taken off the flight. He has not been charged with anything’’.


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