Norwegian is attending a meeting with Boeing in the US

airline NorwegianThe airline Norwegian. Photo: Norway Today Media

Norwegian confirms that they will attend Boeing’s meeting in the US on Wednesday. The US company is working to get 737 MAX back up on its wings again.

“I can confirm that we have representatives who will attend the meeting tomorrow,” says communication adviser Astrid Mannion-Gibson in Norwegian to NTB.

However, the company will not specify who or how many representatives will participate in the meeting.

I have no further comments beyond this now.

Boeing has invited over 200 pilots, technical leaders, and government officials to a Washington state meeting today, Wednesday. The meeting is a sign that the fix of the software problem on the airplane type is soon finished, writes Reuters, but recalls that the authority still needs to approve the update.

The meeting is part of a plan to reach out to all current and future operators who are and will be using the 737 MAX, as well as the relevant aeronautical authorities, to discuss software and training updates, writes Boeing in a statement.

Norwegian was earlier this month forced to set their 18 Boeing 737 MAX 8 aircraft on the ground after 157 people lost their lives when an Ethiopian Airlines aircraft of the same model crashed shortly after departure in Ethiopia.

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