Norwegian to test a service: pay to be the first in line

Oslo Airport Health Insurance travel packageBoarding card. Photo Norway Today Media

At four airports in southern and western Norway, Norwegian Airlines will now tests a fee for travelers to see if they are willing to pay to be the first in line to board the aircraft.


The new scheme has been introduced at the airports in Ålesund and Molde, as well as in Haugesund and Kristiansand. According to a webmail Flysmart24, for those travelers who want it and can afford to pay around five euros – just below fifty kroner – to get priority boarding at the gate when boarding the aircraft.

The scheme may be extended to apply to all of Norway’s grid if it appears that there is a market for this.

“Now we will test it at selected airports, and if successful, we will see a gradual deployment,” says Lasse Sandaker-Nielsen, Communications Manager for Norwegian.

The Irish low cost airline Ryanair has already practiced this so-called priority boarding for many years. However, the scheme has been subject to strong criticism as so many pay to come early on board that it feels its wasted money.


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