Norwegian will not promise compensation to all

The Airline NorwegianIllustrasjon.The airline Norwegian.Photo. Norway Today Media

Sunday’s cancellations will probably cost Norwegian several million, but the airline will not promise that everyone gets compensation.

Based on EU rates of compensation in the case of delay or cancellation, Aftenposten has calculated that Norwegian has to pay at least 17 million after this weekend. That’s in addition to expenses to cover food and accommodation and any compensation to passengers who did not use their hotel rooms, rental cars and other compensations offered.

Norwegian would not comment on the newspaper’s cost estimate, but says they initially take responsibility for the passengers not arriving at their destinations and that they complied with EU rates.

– But what is covered and not covered is dependent upon factors surrounding the individual flights, said communications director Anne-Sissel Skånvik from the airline. She said the company will come up with their own figures within a few days.

– We will be returning to the relevant figures in connection with the company when submitting financial statements for the second quarter next Thursday, she told the newspaper.

Ingeborg Flønes of the Consumer Council says passengers are entitled to compensation if the reason for cancellation is something the airline is responsible for. Apart from bad weather and strike it takes a lot for the airline to not have this responsibility, she explained.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today