Norwegians choosing heat over Siberia’s cold

Ving NorgePhoto: Ving Norge

Norwegians have had enough of ice and snow. Ving, Norway’s largest tour operator, reported that sales of trips to warmer climes have increased as the temperature at home has sunk.


“We saw a good sales increase last year, and in recent weeks we have been selling at around 10% over last year’s sales. It can certainly be an effect of the cold we are seeing’’, said information manager at Ving, Siri Røhr-Staff.

Easter is almost fully booked, as in the forthcoming Easter period, there are very many who want sun and heat instead of more snow.

“In Easter weeks, we are sold out. There are only a few scattered trips here and there that are available,” explained Røhr-Staff.

There are still holiday opportunities. It’s because people want to get away from minus degree temperatures, and would like to replace wool socks with sandals, and warm undergarments with bathing suits.

“Yes, we’ve got back to heading for the heat, both with charter and scheduled flights, so there are many possibilities for those who want some sun on their body,” concluded Røhr-Staff.

Increase in sales from the largest cities include Trondheim 21%,Bergen 20%, Oslo 16%, and Stavanger at 16%.


Source: Ving Norge