Norwegians cut their holiday budget by NOK 16,000

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The average household in Norway plans to spend just over NOK 27,000 on their holiday in 2020, according to Virke Reiseliv’s recent survey.

The amount is the lowest Virke has registered since the survey was first conducted in 2012.

By comparison, Norwegian households on average planned to spend just over NOK 43,000 when asked in December 2019.

– At the same time, several providers are reporting that bookings are starting to be received from Norwegian guests. Fortunately, there are bright lights in an otherwise dark time for the tourism industry, says Astrid Bergmål, head of Virke Reiseliv.

Private cabins
Six months ago, six out of ten of those going on a summer vacation stated that they were planning to go abroad. Now only 7 per cent answer the same.

In the survey, 47 per cent stated that they would probably spend this year’s holiday at a private cabin in Norway, while 41 per cent said they would be at home.

38 per cent are planning visits to family or friends in Norway, and 36 per cent are planning a holiday at a hotel, campsite, cottage branch or a place with private rental in Norway. Here people have been able to provide more answers.

A tough year for tourism
The head of Virke Reiseliv recalls that accommodations, activity and adventure providers all over Norway are now ready to welcome Norwegian guests.

– They are opportunity-oriented, but there is no getting away from the fact that it will be a tough summer and a tough year for the tourism industry. That people cut their own holiday budget emphasises this, she says.

Bergmål says it is positive that more people seem to be planning holidays in their own country, but thinks the figure is too low to cover for all the foreign tourists, who are now missing as a result of travel restrictions.

– We are concerned that many players will not survive. Many live by the summer season alone, have small margins and depend on international guests. Many of these are also not covered by the government’s action packages, says Bergmål.

Want border opening
In the survey, six out of ten state that attractions and experiences guide the choice of travel. Three out of ten respond that the environment is governing, and this figure is on a par with last year.

It seems that the authorities are working to facilitate the gradual reopening of borders safely.

– We register that a number of countries now allow tourists from Norway, while the Norwegian authorities still hold back. Getting started on international tourism is important both for the Norwegian tourism industry, but also for all the countries that live by tourism, says Astrid Bergmål in Virke Reiseliv.

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