Norwegians’ interest in holidays in Turkey increases

izmir, Turkey TouristsIzmir in Turkey, Photo: Norway Today media

Norwegians’ interest in holidays in Turkey increases

Unrest in the country led to a decline in travel to Turkey. But now Norwegians are returning, report tour operators.


‘After a couple of years showing a sharp decline in the number of travellers going to Turkey due to turbulence in the country, we are now seeing that the trend is about to turn. We saw tendencies of this already in the of summer 2017, where the number of searches for travel to Turkey increased’, said information manager, Siri Røhr-Staff of ‘Ving’ to E24 newspaper.

Ving has increased Turkey’s holiday capacity by 50% for next summer, and Turkey’s trend in popularity has strengthened throughout the autumn. Røhr-Staff said that there was a sales increase is 500% compared with the same period in 2016.

‘In other words, the trend is very clear, but it’s a while until we’re back to the big volumes seen in the summer of 2013’, she said.

Also in ‘Tui Norge’, they noticed that the interest in Turkey is back.

‘We saw the trend already this summer, and we have increased the capacity by 25% for next summer. We are looking at the possibility of increasing more, as the trend looks very positive,’ said Nora Aspengren, communications manager at Tui.

Markets manager at ‘Ticket’, Ellen Wolff Andresen, also sees a positive trend.

‘We expect Turkey to increase slightly, provided it is remains calm,’ said Andresen
to E24 newspaper.


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