Norwegian’s travel volume a threat to Norway’s climate targets

travelTravel.Photo: Erik Johansen / NTB scanpix

The average citizen travels 2 million kilometres during their lifetime, shows a new report from the Environmental Organisation, The Future in our hands (FIVH).


The development is in stark contrast to climate goals. 2 million kilometres is equivalent to 4,000 trips back and forth between Oslo and Trondheim. 52% of the travel is by car, 37% by plane.

‘It is obvious that a package of methods are required to achieve the climate cuts needed in the transport sector,’ said the leader of FIVH, Anja Bakken Riis, to Dagsavisen newspaper.

According to the organisation, Norway won’t be able to meet its international commitments, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 40% over the next twelve years, by continuing on today’s political course.

‘As far as air traffic is concerned, we see positive technological developments, among other things, with electric aircraft. But Avinor plans to more than double international traffic by 2040, without having solutions that allow growth to take place in a sustainable way,’ said Riis.

She emphasised that Norwegians already fly ten times as much as the average European.

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