Now you should check your passport

PassportPassport.Photo: Jon Olav Nesvold / NTB scanpix

If you need to renew your passport, then you should do it now.


It is time for finalising plans for the summer vacation, and as usual there may be long queues at the passports offices. If you plan to book your holiday already, it’s a good idea to check your passport’s expiration date at the same time.

Even now, it is reported that the passports offices in Oslo and the Eastern Norway area have a great deal of pressure.

‘’One week before departure may be too late. Especially those who intend to travel to countries that require a six month validity after entry, such as Dubai, which seems to be a popular destination at the time,’’ said Bekim Olomani of the passport section of Oslo Police District.

They encourage everyone to renew their passports on time.

This must be remembered before the trip

The police recommend taking your passport on all trips abroad. Border checks between countries that are members of the Schengen cooperation group can be introduced at short notice, and often airlines and hotels require a valid passport upon check-in. Third-country nationals should travel with a passport, as well as documentation confirming the validity of the stay.

If you are traveling to a country outside of the Schengen cooperation group, you must include a valid travel document, as well as a visa if the country you travel to requires it.

Examine the validity requirements that apply on the UD’s travel information pages.

Also check your passport before you travel, and that the ticket is issued in the same name as is on the passport. If you change your name and the trip is ordered in the new name, you must apply for a new passport.

Order before it’s too late

Some countries require that the passport is valid for a period after entering or leaving the country you have visited. This may vary from three months to six months. If your passport is not valid for the period required, you may be denied entry.

At several passport offices in Norway, you must order, change or cancel an appointment online.

This is done on If your passport does not offer updates online, you can contact the appropriate passport office or meet up in person.

If you do not get an appointment at your Passport Office, it is recommended to check out others nearby. The police regularly publish free hours available online, so follow up to look for cancellations.


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