Of world’s 20 safest airlines, SAS remains on the top list

SAS(Photo: Avinor / Catchlight)

When you are 10,000 meters above the ground, it is good to know that you are in safe hands. Therefore, AirlineRatings lists the world’s safest airline every year. Here is the list for 2019.

Airlineratings.com has listed the world’s safest and most uncertain airlines since 2013. They have analysed data from over 400 different airlines and reviewed reports from government agencies, aviation, and management

“Every December we evaluate all events during the current year” said Geoffrey Thomas, director of AirlineRatings, to Aftonbladet newspaper.

The number of crashes and serious incidents for each company is also taken into account, plus the age of the aircraft and the company’s profitability. Companies that have had an accident with deaths over the past ten years are automatically excluded.

Since its inception, Australian Qantas has taken the first place and does so this year.

“Qantas has never had a fatal accident. Nor have Finnair, but the difference is, Qantas holds the leading position in security innovation”
explained Geoffrey Thomas.

Those that had drunk pilot were deleted from list

Most companies in the top 20 list are the same as last year, but a couple have been deleted.

Japan Airlines went out after a pilot was revealed as drunk at Heathrow airport in London. Ethiad was also excluded due to huge financial losses.

Instead, the American companies, United and American Airlines have entered the leaderboard, much because they have bought in many new aircraft and thus reduced the average age of their fleet.

“The 20 safest airlines are all outstanding operators that set the standard high in terms of safety and reliability” said Geoffrey Thomas.

SAS, but not Norwegian

SAS has been on the top list since 2016, while Norwegian has never been included. Communication adviser Tonje Næss of Norwegian explained to Flysmart24 that this is related to the fact that the company is not a member of IATA, the cooperative body for the world’s airlines. In order to be considered in this study, it is required that the company is a member of IATA, and that it has passed the IATA’s own IOSA certification.

“Being an IOSA certified airline is an administrative and time-consuming job, and something we have not yet prioritised” said Næss to Flysmart24.

Also they are unsure

Serious aircraft accidents are very rare, although more people than usual died in plane crashes in 2018. Among the most insecure companies are Afghan Airlines, Bluwing Airlines, Kam Air and Trigana Air Services at the
absolute bottom.

Here are the 20 safest

Here are the safest airlines in the world according to AirlineRatings. Besides Qantas at the top, there is no ranking of the others on the list. They are listed alphabetically.


“It is so smooth that it would be wrong to rank the top 20” said Airlineratings’ director, Geoffrey Thomas.


Air New Zealand

Alaska Airlines

All Nippon Airways

American Airlines

British Airways

Cathay Pacific




Hawaiian Airlines





Singapore Airlines


United Airlines

Virgin Atlantic

Virgin Australia

Source: VG / Norway Today