One in five don’t know how they’ll spend their holiday pay

Spain, © NTB Holiday PayIllustration.Spain.Photo: Norway Today Media

One in five Norwegians don’t know how they’ll spend their holiday pay

22% of us still don’t know what to spend our annual holiday pay on, while 36% are planning to spend the holiday money on, you guessed it,  travelling on holiday.

These somewhat unremarkable figures were unearthed by an investigation that Ipsos carried out for DNB Nor bank.

“It’s called holiday pay, but I don’t think that should unduly influence people to think that they can’t use the money for something more reasonable, such as repaying debts, or putting something aside for retirement,” said Hanna Folkvord, a financial adviser at DNB Nor bank to E24 financial newspaper.

She encouraged people not to allow their holiday money to disappear into daily consumption, or making wild, impulsive purchases.


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