Passengers advised to prepare for new passport queues

Oslo Airport. Passport queues, security breachOslo Airport. Passport queues.Photo: Bibiana Dahle Piene / NTB scanpix

The Norwegian Hospitality Association (NHO Reiseliv) fear a repeat of last year’s passport chaos at Gardermoen international airport.
Justice Minister, Per-Willy Amundsen, admits there may also be queues at passport control in summer.
‘Even with full staffing, we can’t assure that there will be no queues at inbound and outbound border control due to extensive passenger traffic’, said Amundsen to Aftenposten newspaper.

The Justice Minister stressed that measures have been taken to prevent a recurrence of chaotic scenes at control points. He gave as examples, the Eastern Police District, who had received additional funds, and that several full time employees have been transferred to Gardermoen after the airport at Rygge was closed down.

NHO feel far from certain that problems have been dealt with; demonstrating, among other things, that there are expected increases to the number of passengers flying in and out of Oslo Gardermoen Airport.

‘The current border control is undersized, both in terms of staffing, and in the supply of equipment to perform electronic passport control’, said CEO, Torbjørn Lothe, at NHO Aerospace.

Kristin Krohn Devold, in NHO, said it is crucial for overall Norwegian tourism that Oslo Gardermoen Airport functions well.

‘Alternatively, much of this traffic will end up in other countries, and Norway will lose substantial revenue’, said the NHO boss.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today