More and more passengers are refused permission to fly


The Civil Aviation Authority confirmed that more passengers in Norway are refused permission to fly, and their cases must be handled by the police.


The Air Inspection Authority is serious about developments, wrote Adresseavisen newspaper.

‘The problem of unreasonable passengers is increasing. We assume that the overall increase in the number of airline passengers is one of the reasons for the corresponding increase in the number of unwanted events,’ said Wenche Olsen, Director of the Civil Aviation Authority.

Olsen listed examples such as smoking in the toilet, harassment of fellow passengers, and flight crew, or refusing to comply with safety instructions.

The international aviation organisation, IATA, represents 280 airlines, and believes the problem is worldwide. The organisation pointed to an increase in the number of people flying as a contributing factor.

The Norwegian Civil Aviation Authority hopes cooperation between airlines,and authorities, will reduce the problem.

‘EASA’, The European Aviation Safety Agency has invited airlines and authorities together to map out and discuss this development,’ said Olsen.


© NTB Scanpix / Norway Today