PHOTOS: A look at Norway’s new glacier hotel set to open in 2023

Photo: Snøhetta

If you are looking to experience spectacular Norwegian nature in a luxurious, yet sustainable way, you should mark your calendar for 2023.

Norway’s newest glacier hotel, named Svart, is designed by acclaimed Norwegian architecture firm Snøhetta. The luxury lodging is set to be the world’s first energy-positive hotel. It’s stunningly located right next to the Svartisen glacier in Nordland county, Northern Norway.

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Photo: Snøhetta

Sustainability is key at Svart, which is set to use approximately 85% less energy than a standard hotel. In addition to this, Svart will also be producing all its own energy.

“Creating a full off-grid solution and producing excess energy through its solar panel system, Svart will power all its supporting projects and sustainable components, such as the greenhouse farm, waste management system, and boat destination,” the hotel’s website states.

Photo: Snøhetta

The hotel is surrounded by a scenic landscape and appeals to both eco-travelers and nature enthusiasts alike. Its elegant, modern atmosphere also makes it equally suitable for those looking to embark on a luxury getaway.

Photo: Snøhetta

The hotel’s remote location means that it should be the perfect place to catch the northern lights. So, if you’ve already started planning your glacier getaway – better pack a camera!

Photo: Snøhetta

The building itself is inspired by local, northern Norwegian culture, with the design resembling the “fiskehjell” (A-shaped wooden structures for drying fish) as well as the “rorbue” (a traditional type of housing used by traveling fishermen). The hotel describes itself as “a symbol of an era, bound in time as the glacier itself.”

The wooden supporting structure pictured above ensures that the hotel has zero land impact and minimizes seabed disruption.

Photo: Snøhetta

The award-winning architecture firm behind the hotel, Snøhetta, can be thanked for many iconic Norwegian and international buildings including the famous Oslo Opera House.

Photo: Snøhetta

Finally, given that Svart is located in the Arctic region, this means that if you go during the summer you’ll be able to enjoy the spectacular midnight sun. Sounds like the ideal getaway to us!

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