Here are the places you should avoid traveling to this summer


Areas in Turkey, Thailand and Egypt are on the list of places to be avoided, according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs official travel advice is given when there is considered to be a reason to advise Norwegians not to travel to a particular country, region or region or to leave the place.

On Friday they issued advise against travelling to Venezuela in South America. But also popular holiday countries can be found on the UD’s list of travel advice.

Avoid tourist areas in Turkey and Egypt
A total of 48 countries are on the list of countries which UD advises Norwegians not to travel to. In some cases, there are specific areas in each country, not the entire country as such.

Among popular holiday countries, we find both Thailand, Turkey and Egypt on the list of countries that have been warned against.

When Dinside wrote about where the terrorist fighting was greatest during March this year, the tourist areas of Egypt were and some of the tourist areas in Turkey, areas that Magnus Ranstorp who is head of terrorism research at the Swedish Defense Academy, underlined as extra problematic.

– The reason for this is that there are disturbances nearby. So here there is a likelihood of something  happening, he said.

On the UD’s website you can read more about which areas of Egypt, Turkey and Thailand they advise not to travel to.

It is also good to be aware that the UD normally does not issue travel advice on general terrorism threats. For example, no travel advice has been issued for London after the terror attacks last Saturday.
What is travel advice?
According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, they provide official travel advice when it is considered to be reason to advise Norwegians not to travel to a particular country, territory or region or to leave the place.

The reason is usually war, warlike state or other forms of unrest which, after an overall assessment of safety, indicate that Norwegian citizens should not travel to the place or stay there.

Not covered by travel insurance
It is ok to be aware that the cancellation insurance will normally require an official travel advice issued to cancel a trip should there be any unrest at your intended destination.

Also, be aware that you may have travel insurance issues if you choose to travel to a country where a travel advice has been issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

For example, the full-year insurance from European travel insurance, the insurance will not include travel to areas where the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has either advised not to travel to or stay in or have advised traveling that is not strictly necessary.

With most insurance companies, it is the same practice as in the rest of Europe.

Here is the UD’s travel advice
Afghanistan – Assbadenjan- Bahrain – Bangladesh- Burkina Faso- Burundi – The Central African Republic – DR Congo-Egypt – Ivory Coast – Etiopia – Filinder- Georgia-Guinea- Bissau – India – Iraq – Iran- Israel – Yemen – Jordan -Cameroon- Kenya- Congo- Lebanon- Libya- Malaysia- Mali- Mauritania- Mozambique- Niger- Nigeria- Pakistan-Palestine- Russia – Rwanda – Saudi Arabia – Somalia – Sudan – Syria- South Sudan -Thailand- Chad- Tunisia- Turkey- Uganda- Ukraine – Venezuela.


Source: / Norway Today