Plastic Ban: Tanzania and Norway

Solberg TanzaniaNorwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg during a visit to Tanzania. Photo: The Norwegian Embassy in Tanzania / Facebook.

Plastic Ban in Tanzania, an Opportunity for Norway

White beautiful beaches in Dar Es Salam, Coral Reefs and stone town in Zanzibar and Serengeti park are familiar names for tourists who travel to Tanzania to enjoy the sunny weather and exotic, unique and delicious Tanzanian cuisine.

Norway has a distinctive presence in Tanzania. In addition to the Norwegian embassy in Dar Es Salaam (the capital), Norway has two other representations in Tanzania. These representations include consulates in Arusha and Zanzibar. Consequently, Tanzania is not an unknown country for Norwegians.

The statistics show that a lot of Norwegians who travel abroad choose East Africa, and in particular Tanzania, in order to have a memorable holiday. As for having a good time it is vital to know about the rules and regulations of the host country.

Lately, an impressive law has been passed by two east African countries regarding the environment, that many tourists might not be aware of. First Kenya, and then Tanzania, banned any type of production, import, sales or usage of plastic bags.

In Tanzania, this law has been in force since 1 June 2019. Those who break this law will be fined and punished accordingly. They will be liable to a – on-the-spot – fine to the amount of USD 13 in the local currency (Tanzanian shillings). The local residents are aware of this law and are deeply committed to it. Tourists who travel to Tanzania should, therefore, be mindful not to bring any single-use plastic items into the country!



Economic Opportunities in Tanzania

Most of the Norwegian projects in Tanzania revolves around vaccination, healthcare, and general welfare. But the new environmentally friendly policy of the Tanzania government can result in economic projects as well.

The fact is the usage of plastic and plastic products had been interwoven into modern life. Replacement thereof needs both a bit of time and funds. As Norway is one of the pioneers in the sustainable growth industries, Tanzania can use the experience of such companies to its best.

Norwegian companies can invest either independently, or in joint projects with Tanzanian investors and manufacturers, to produce items that will replace plastic in the cycle of consumption.

According to statistics, the Norwegian government have been, and are, participating in different projects in Tanzania. Now it is time for the private sector to get involved as well.

Tanzania is taking an important step to safeguard the environment. As of 1 June 2019, plastic bags have been banned….

Geplaatst door Royal Norwegian Embassy in Dar es Salaam op Maandag 27 mei 2019


Tanzania bans the use of plastic bags
Royal Norwegian Embassy in Dar es Salaam
The government will ban single-use plastic in 2020

This article is written by Zahra Moravvej for Norway Today.

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