Record number of Norwegians studying abroad


Record numbers of Norwegians are studying abroad. Last year  25,350 students moved abroad, according to the Student Finance bank, Lånekassen.

In recent years there has been an increase year on year. 17,450 of the students take all their education outside Norway. In a press release  Lånekassen wrote that the proportion of students receiving support from them, remains stable at about 15 percent.

Britain remains the most popular country of study.
– Despite a slight decline, 5,565 students chose last year to take all or part of their education in the UK, whilst 3415 Norwegians chose the United States.

Also Denmark, Australia and Poland are popular study destinations, says CEO Marianne Andreassen at Lånekassen .

Nearly 10,000 of the students are at undergraduate level, whilst just over 7,000 are working on a Master’s degree.

In addition to the students,  1945 pupils in the second grade of high school took an exchange year abroad.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today