Record Summer in the mountains

A happy touristVenabu.A happy tourist.Photo.Norway Today Media

Norwegians are crossings into the mountains as never before, according to figures from the Tourist Association Norwegian Trekking Association. Families are responsible for a large part of the increase.

– Hiking resorts are gaining new followers. It has become a habit for people to choose an active holiday, many feel that nature provides replenishment and relaxation, says The Norwegian Trekking Association General Nils Øveraas.

The Norwegian Trekking Association in Oslo region had a total of 37,663 overnight stays in July an increase of 15 percent compared with the same month last year.

Norwegian Trekking Association of Oslo region has 22 cabins, over half of these catering cottages are in the mountains in popular areas like Dovre, Rondane, Hardangervidda and Femundsmarka.

Norwegian Trekking Association growth

Great interest in the Norwegian mountains appear also in Norwegian Trekking Association membership numbers. As of the 1st of August the organization had a total of close to 280,000 members, an increase nationally of 7.3 percent compared with August 1st of last year.

Norwegian Trekking Association has never had more members.

– It is incredibly important that people choose to be members. They support our work so that we can continue to facilitate paths, arrange tours and maintain cabins across the country, says Øveraas.

Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today