Remember health insurance card if you are going to travel this summer

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Every year, thousands of Norwegian tourists use European health insurance cards when they are on holiday in an EEA country or in Switzerland.

‘’If you need to go to a public doctor or public hospital when you are traveling in the EEA area or Switzerland, the health insurance card ensures you receive the health care you need to continue the holiday. By showing the card, you pay the deductible in line with the inhabitants of the country you are visiting’’ said departmental manager, Heidi Kvaal Djupvik of Helfo services.

You must basically be a member of the National Insurance Scheme and be a citizen of an EEA country to get the card.

‘’Everyone in the family must have their own health insurance card when traveling. When you order online, you can at the same time order for spouses and children’’ said Djupvik.

If you already have a health insurance card, you should check that the card is still valid. You can find the date on the card. When it is nearing expiration date, make sure you order a new one for yourself. The delivery time for health insurance cards is normally ten working days.

The card, which applies in all EEA countries and Switzerland, does not cover Turkey and the Turkish part of Cyprus, as hese are not EEA countries.

‘’We encourage everyone to have private travel insurance when travelling, partly because the health insurance card does not cover treatment at a private hospital or at a private doctor. The card also does not cover transport home’’ emphasised the departmental director.

The card that could save your European holiday is available at

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