«Rygerdronnningen» has arrived Ryfylke

RygerdronningenRygerdronningen. Photo: Tom Gulbrandsen, Rødne

Her majesty «Rygerdronnningen» has arrived in Stavanger

Finally the queen is here. This weekend «Rygerdronnningen» sailed into the Ryfylke Fjords, and Rødne is thereby ready with its largest boat. Thus, a new era begins in the experience and tourism initiative in Rogaland, with a vessel that has two different commitments in two different periods of the year. Welcome aboard!


– Nå er dagen her. Det har vært et spennende år med planlegging, bygging, sjøsetting og sluttføring. Jeg er stolt, spent og har store forventninger, sier daglig leder Lars André Rødne i Rødne.

There is royal flair over Rødne these days. Finally, the queen is in place, more specifically, «Rygerdronningen» (loosely: the Queen of Rogaland). If Rødne has «Rygerkongen» from before, it is «Rygerdronningen» which becomes the ruling majesty of the fjords near Stavanger. The crew onboard is ready for summer tourism, and an exciting experience concept for the autumn, winter and spring. 

One boat, two focus areas

«Rygerdronningen» is almost 40 metres long, has panoramic views both indoors and out on the deck, and can transport 297 passengers in one go. That much space is needed since the trips on Lysefjorden are becoming more and more popular day by day. From April to September, the boat will mostly include guests who want to experience   Preikestolen (Pulpit Rock), Fantahålå (Beggars hole), Hengjandefossen (waterfall) and the other unique attractions in Lysefjorden. In the evenings, private groups can hire the boat.

– Early in the autumn, «Rygerdronningen» will be restyled with several more tables. Then it accommodates small and large groups up to 250 guests, depending on which kind of serving is desired. Yes, the boat is going to be transformed into a unique experience scene for food, culture and history dissemination at sea, says Lars Rødne.

Together with two other Ryfylke companies, Ryfylkekokken and Ryfylke Livsgnist, Rødne now develops different experience concepts in the fjords of Ryfylke and Rogaland.

– It is our job to serve proper food from Ryfylke, which is in line with this great boat, says Ryfylke Chef Frode Selvaag.

He has been involved in how the kitchen on board is composed, choosing plates, tables and workbenches, everything made for the restaurant by local suppliers based on tradition. In the team are the cultural agents in Ryfylke Livsgnist as well.

– We will provide people with both laughter and lessons about Ryfylke, the local food, fjords and its people, says General Manager of Livsgnist, Tor Øyvind Skeiseid, who is one of the hosts on board «Rygerdronningen».

Food shows, Queen’s Routes and Conferences

– We wish for «Rygerdronningen” to be a boat for all. Summertime is full focus on sightseeing in Lysefjorden, while other unique experiences are waiting in the spring, autumn and winter. Companies, sports clubs other groups can hire the boat. It will also be possible for individuals to sign up for our open trips, explains Lars Rødne.

– Here you can arrange your conference or order the food show “The chef and the fool” with Frode and me, Tor Øyvind Skeiseid interjects.

– The coolest are the so-called “Queen Trips”, which are three different special tours of Ryfylke. There are three trips, three menus and three stories. Here, food, storytelling and sea voyages are linked together. The menu and the stories belong together after were the boat heads to. And of course, it’s Queen Maud pudding for dessert, Ryfylkokokken Frode Selvaag says smilingly.

– We are constantly developing concepts related to the «Rygerdronningen». So come along, Lars Rødne in Rødne follows up.

The various tours will be presented at www.rodne.no continuously.

For more information, please contact


CEO Lars André Rødne +47 982 41 501

— Or —

Sales and Marketing Manager Eva Sørås Mellgren +47 915 52 339

Ryfylke Livsgnist

Tor Øyvind Skeiseid +47 982 06 333


Cathrine Selvaag +47 905 36 673

Facts about Rødne

Rødne is one of Norway’s largest owners of fast boats (sightseeing), with 18 boats. Rødne offers personal and adventure trips with smaller sightseeing boats. Now a much bigger boat is available!

The company was started in 1956, to run school boats and transport between and out of the islands of the local community of Sjernarøyane. Today, the company has 148 employees. Of these, 32 are employed in the land organization at Kyrkjøy in the islands of Sjernarøyene, in Stavanger and in Bergen, while 116 are employed on the sea on a year round basis. The crew is increased by about 15 employees during the summer.

The Sjernarøyene Islands in Finnøy are still the base. Over the years, the company has expanded and operates ambulance boats, scheduled routes, charter and tourist activities from Stavanger and Bergen.

Rødne also owns the fjord restaurant Lysefjord-Helleren in Lysefjorden.

Lars André Rødne has been CEO of Rødne since 2006.

Rygerdronningen. Photo: Tom Gulbrandsen, Rødne

Facts about  «Rygerdronningen»

  • Modern catamaran, spacious lounge with kiosk, all on one level. Suitable for wheelchairs. Ample space on deck.
  • Shipyard: The brothers Aa in Hyen
  • Material: Carbon sandwich, vinyl ester
  • Gear / Propulsion: Servogear
  • Length: 37.8 metres
  • Width: 10.3 metres
  • Number of passengers: 297
  • Max speed: 19.9 knots
  • Investment: MNOK 75

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