KrF Women wants rematch over voting

Skjørshammer KrF WomenRematch: Anne Kathrine Skjørshammer leads KrF Women, and believes that the national delegates should have three alternatives to vote on. - Then you would make the real acceptance of Hareide's choice visible, but that's not what wish for, she says. Photo: Kristelig Folkeparti

The leader of KrF Women wants rematch over voting order

Ann Kathrine Skjørshammer is dissatisfied that the Christian Democrats (KrF) will not vote on staying where they are – in opposition. Now the Leader of KrF Women wants a rematch on the vote.


– The voting order now decided on is a strategic decision. It is very conscious which order the management of the party wishes for. I do not think everyone understands how important it is, says KrF Women Leader, Ann Kathrine Skjørshammer tells NRK.

In a conference call involving the central committee of KrF on Friday, it was decided that at the extraordinary general assembly on November 2nd, we should first vote on whether to enter into Government and thereafter vote on whether to go to the right or left.

Remain in opposition

Skjørshammer, together with several others in KrF, have wished that it should also be voted on whether or not to remain in opposition. The majority of the central committee rejects that.

Skjørshammer expects that there will also be a debate on the voting order at the national assembly.

– Yes, I’m sure of that. Because it is the national assembly that decides. There is a recommendation from the central committee, but it is the national assembly that decides at the end of the day, she says.

Ann Kathrine Skjørshammer resigns as the Leader of KrF Women before the national assembly, writes the newspaper Klassekampen. The KrF Women holds a national meeting on 20th and 21st October, and Skjørshammer does not stand for reelection.

She has nevertheless been clear on the path she thinks the party should follow.

– Many are in favour of seeking negotiations with the Solberg Government first. I stand for this view, both ideologically and on the specific case basis, she told NTB earlier this week.



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  1. Joakim Haugen | 15. October 2018 at 08:23 |

    Klassekampen should not be used as a source as it is an extreme leftist newspaper who only seek to destroy anyone they disagree with.

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