NORWEGIAN and SAS cancels departures to Gran Canaria

SASSAS.Photo: Pixabay

SAS has canceled three flights to Gran Canaria this Sunday morning due to the sandstorm at the Spanish holiday destination.

Due to the extreme weather conditions, Gran Canaria airport was closed around 3:30 pm local time on Saturday.

On Sunday, SAS press chief John Eckhoff informs NTB that today’s departures to Gran Canaria have been canceled.

– It applies to SK4697, Oslo 07.30, SK2837, Copenhagen 08.05 and SK1819, Stockholm 10.20, he writes in an email.

Weather conditions affected seven of SAS’s departures on Saturday from the island.

The planes were full and had 180 passengers each on board. They came from and were to return to the same place: One plane was on its way to Gothenburg and was diverted to Faro in Portugal, one was on its way to Copenhagen and was diverted to Tenerife.

Five aircraft are still at Gran Canaria airport. Two were scheduled back to Oslo, two from Arlanda in Stockholm and one from Kjevik in Kristiansand.

Norwegian cancels three flights to Gran Canaria on Sunday.

– Departures DY3690 from Copenhagen, DY4271 from Stockholm and DY1816 from Oslo have been canceled, says Andreas Hjørnholm, Norwegian press officer at VG.

He says that at this time they do not know if any departures will be canceled tomorrow.

– It depends on the weather forecasts.

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