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Norway is known for its countless natural wonders, one of the most marvelous being its fjords, which flow into the country from the Norwegian Sea. 

In fact, this is the country with the most fjords in the entire world – being home to an astounding 1000 of them! 

The millions-of-years-old fjords of Norway come in all shapes and sizes; from Nærøyfjord, as narrow as 250 meters, across 204-km-long Sognefjord, which reaches halfway to Sweden, to the UNESCO-protected Geirangerfjord. 

The fjord-carved coast of Norway is a magnificent sight to behold – so make sure you take it in the right way.

Into the fjords! Photo: Marit-Helgerud

Sea Norway will ensure you – you guessed it – sea Norway with a one-of-a-kind voyage somewhere between Norway’s buzzing capital, Oslo, and the so-called “Hawaii of the North,” Lofoten. 

Through a great selection of journeys (north to south or south to north, take your pick), you’ll experience all of the delights of Norway’s southern coast, western Fjord Norway, the beautiful Lofoten islands, and everything in between. 

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One voyage even takes you to the Shetland Islands (via ancient Viking sea routes!), but no matter which you choose, you’re in for the slow-life experience full of coastal beauty – and traditional onboard meals to boot – of a lifetime. 

The gem of Sea Norway is the majestic Christian Radich, constructed in 1937 by Framnæs Mekaniske Yard. Originally built to serve as a vessel for training sailors, today, this is an impressive tall ship race award winner, flaunting over 40 medals from competitions worldwide. 

The majestic Christian Radich is a sight to behold. Photo: Erik Sundheim

Christian Radich has a 73-meter length overall, 27 sails, an engine speed of 10 knots, and a 37-meter height.

You can experience the ship in all its splendor while making it your home – and don’t miss out on trying steering, climbing aloft, and even helping set the sails.

Safety comes first aboard Christian Radich. In the wake of the global pandemic, Sea Norway ensured all of the necessary safety measures, such as instituting a reduced number of guests and installing bulkheads between beds. 

So, as you plan your voyage for next summer, rest assured you’ll be secure while experiencing delights such as the tremendous Pulpit Rock, northern lights central Bodø, glaciers in Folgefonna National Park, and more.

Christian Radich has a 73-meter length overall, 27 sails, an engine speed of 10 knots, and a 37-meter height.

One Sea Norway sailor describes his recent voyage:

“Sailed with two adult children Bodo-Bodo along Lofoten islands coast, a four-day trip. It was magnificent, unforgettable, and I am so glad we did this. Highlights included visiting secluded fjords, beaches, and picturesque fishing villages that are only accessible by sea; sailing next to a pod of orcas; climbing out on those yards to arrange sails; and generally, the good spirits and positivity of the entire crew and fellow passengers. 

Weather was mostly favorable, though wind conditions necessitated much of the travel to be by motor this time. Would highly recommend this trip for people who are comfortable with camping. Everything was perfectly functional but no luxuries. Our family unit had two bunks and a hammock and was separated from the next family unit by a plywood barrier. All personal items needed to be stowed away when we were not sleeping. Showers and washing up was similarly functional. Food was plentiful and good, lots of fresh bread and fish. 

The food aboard is on another level! Photo: Ernst Furuhatt

All passengers are trainees and are assigned two four-hour shifts per 24 hours, during which time shift leaders assign tasks and instruct. This worked really well. We had the 4-8 shift AM and PM, and those mornings especially were magical times with the sun gradually getting higher and the world waking up. No work shifts while at anchor or in port. 

Really liked the pedagogical approach of the captain and shift leaders, was constantly learning and also feeling useful. Fellow passengers were predominantly Norwegian, some families with children and some elderly, seemed like a generally fit and healthy crowd if not necessarily athletic. Not all climbed rigging. Did not see anyone get seasick. All in all, an amazing trip, we would definitely go again.”

Ever wanted to sail next to a pod of orcas? Photo: Ernst Furuhatt

Twelve totally unique voyages will be carried out during the summer of 2021 between June and July. Each day will be a dream come true; you can choose to channel your inner Viking, steering and navigating the open seas one day, then spend the next sunbathing with a good book as you watch the fjords go by. 

You’ll feel like a true seafarer as you befriend fellow adventurers and spend your mornings discussing life over coffee, and perhaps spending the nights at the helm with only the moon-illuminated waves and whales swishing by as company.

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