Sherpa stairs are leading to record visitors on Hallingskarvet

HallingskarvetUstaoset .Hallingskarvet.Photo: Berit Keilen / SCANPIX

Two years ago, Sherpas from Nepal finished the stone steps on Hallingskarvet. Since then, the number of visitors increased, and this year it is likely there will be a record of visitors.

At five weeks, 18,000 people have gone up to the characteristic Hallingskarvet, which is the highest mountain in Buskerud, NRK news reported.

– Everyone wants to go to Hallingskarvet to walk this path. It is easy, and you come to Prestholtseter, located 250 meters from the national park boundary. It is safe for everyone, young and old, says Petter Braaten in the Norwegian Nature Inspectorate about the stairs the Sherpa built.

– It was a good investment. It saves the terrain from wear, which is important to preserve the national park. But it is also important for the local value added, tourism and the Hol municipality, explains Braaten.

On Prestholtseter the increased traffic has an impact on sales. On a good day it goes with 50 liters of waffle batter and 35-40 liters cream porridge, says Ola Outbuildings, which is set to to place sales records.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today