Six out of ten Norwegians are in the process of planning their summer holidays

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Six out of ten Norwegians are planning a holiday this summer, figures from Virke Reiseliv’s survey show.

With the corona vaccination in progress and better cancellation options, people are more likely to spend this year’s summer holiday abroad. 

Many believe that the infection situation will improve so much during the year that it will be possible to travel abroad again.

If the authorities do not advise against such travel, almost half of those who go on summer vacation will likely spend it abroad in 2021, the survey shows. 

Spain, Greece, Sweden, and Denmark are among the favorite destinations.

Holidays in Norway

At the same time, seven out of ten Norwegians believe that the corona pandemic will also leave its mark on this year’s summer, and most are therefore planning a domestic holiday. 

Hiking and other nature-based activities seem to attract many, and Vestland is emerging as a new favorite destination among those who want to spend the holidays in their own country.

“We are pleased that many people plan to travel both abroad and in their own country in 2021. 

“For the (travel) companies, it is now about enduring until the activity picks up again, and about preparing for the day when people travel again,” Astrid Bergmål, leader of Virke Reiseliv, noted.

The travel budget per household this year amounts to NOK 35,350 on average. That is a decrease from last year’s survey when the average budget amounted to NOK 43,050.

More concerned about the environment

At the same time, almost one in four Norwegians, 23%, say that they are more concerned with traveling in an environmentally friendly way now than before the pandemic. 

On the other hand, only 5% say they are less concerned about this than before.

“People are more concerned with choosing trips that take into account the environment than before. That is a trend that has been reinforced during the pandemic,” Bergmål said.

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