This is how you can travel in the Nordic countries

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The Nordic countries opened for holidaymakers on 15 June but in a slightly different way.

* Sweden: The Swedes have not closed their borders during the Coronavirus crisis, but the other Nordic countries have restrictions on entry from Sweden – with the exception of Gotland. Norwegians travelling to mainland Sweden must quarantine for 10 days upon return to Norway.

If you have only driven through Sweden on your way to Norway from Denmark or Gotland, you do not have to enter the quarantine. It is on the condition that one does not stay overnight and maintains social distancing if one has to stop. It is also assumed that one takes the shortest travel route, according to

* Denmark: The border opens for all residents in Norway, Iceland and Germany. To enter Denmark, a minimum of six nights must be booked in advance. You can also stay in private accommodations as long as you stay for at least six nights.

To get to Denmark you can take a plane or a ferry. It is also possible to drive through Sweden and over the Øresund Bridge, according to Danish police.

Travellers to Denmark should include documentation on permanent residence in Norway, and be able to present documentation on booked holiday stays. If you are going to stay in private accommodations, you must be able to present documentation on loans of housing / agreement on private accommodation or rent certificate. The documentation must include contact information for both the travelers and those you will be staying with, as well as information about the location of the accommodation.

* Iceland: The border opens for all Schengen countries. All travellers are tested for the Coronavirus and must be in isolation if the test is positive. After July 1, the test will cost around NOK 1,000.

* Finland: Allows entry from Norway, Denmark, Iceland and the three Baltic countries Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. All passes on the border between Norway and Finland are now accessible. Border checks are carried out on the border with Sweden. People who own a house or holiday home in Finland and their families are allowed to cross the border, according to the Finnish Border Guard.

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