5,000 cruise passengers on May 17th

StavangerCruise, Ill: Pixabay

Four ships and over 5,000 cruise passengers in Stavanger on May 17th

Four cruise ships are visiting Stavanger on May 17th. They stay all day long and sail off again in the evening.


Approximately 5,000 foreign cruise guests get plenty of time to enjoy life in the streets of this special day.

The activity offer for passengers and crew has been planned for a long time, in close cooperation with Stavanger Municipality, Guidecompaniet and the harbour.

There may be some additional foreign participants in the procession from the Cathedral Square, through Old Stavanger Town to the international May 17th party in front of the Concert Hall.

Cruise ships have received information in advance and everyone is welcome to participate, although they do not necessarily are dressed up for the occasion.

English and American

Most of Wednesday’s day tourists are English or American. Two of the ships are new. One was put into operation last year; the second was baptized this year.

“Saga Sapphire” came early in the evening to the Concert Hall quay, the day before the day, and stays overnight. She is 37,301 gross tons, 199 meters long and can take 706 passengers. Construction year is 1981.

This time, “Saga Sapphire” comes from Flåm, and continues to Dover, where the cruise ends.

Fred Olsen’s “Balmoral” berths at Skagenkaien Wednesday. The 43,573 gross ton ship is 218 meters long and can take 1100 passengers.

“Balmoral” comes from Dover and sails on to Lysefjorden and Hardanger.

Today’s largest

Wednesday’s largest cruise ship is “Koningsdam” of almost 100,000 gross tons. She was commissioned last year, is 297 meters long and has a passenger capacity of 2662. “Koningsdam” also comes from Flåm. Stavanger is the only city in Western Norway that is visited before the journey continues via Kristiansand to Oslo.

Viking Sky” was baptised earlier this year and comes on its first visit. She is like her two sister ships of 47,800 gross tons, is 227 meters long and can take 930 passengers. When she casts off from Skansekaien, she travels via Hardanger to her hometown Bergen.

Thursday will Stavanger be visited by a really large cruise ship, which can take almost as many passengers as Wednesday’s four ships put together.

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