Strike possibility at a number of airports next week

Sola AirportStavanger.Sola Airport.Photo: Tommy Ellingsen / Scanpix

The weeks start with two mediations affecting aviation.At worst, it could lead to strikes from Wednesday and Friday.Both smaller and larger airports could be affected.


The majority of those involved in the event of a conflict will be those who work in the space, fire and rescue services at the airports. It means essentially anyone who does not work with the aircraft itself or in the control tower at the airports.

However, personnel at three control stations have also been taken out.Flight engineers could also strike, and at worst, some aircraft may be grounded.

At Stavanger Airport Sola, a total of 90 employees have been stopped, and at Stavanger Aftenblad newspaper,they reported that airport manager, Leif Anker Lorentzen,stated that this will mean that the airport will be closed in practice.


On Tuesday, the mediation between the Norwegian Airline Organization (NFO) and NHO Aviation begins. The parties broke the main talks on June 8, as NHO did not want to accommodate aircraft technicians at any of the points that were important to them, including health and night work.

The members of NFO come from both Norwegian, SAS and Widerøe, and 430 of the organisation’s approximately 500 members have been taken out of the tariff area. NFO went out carefully in the first place, and have chosen to only take out three members on strike for now, one person in each of the three companies.

“We do not want to hit the passengers,” said NFO leader,Andreas Sundt to NTB news.

The closing date is midnight on Tuesday, and NFO has announced that members will strike immediately after the deadline if no agreement is reached.


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