The most common summer ailments

KRY summer insect sunburnAccording to Torleif Jansen, GP at KRY, some of the most common summer ailments are stomach problems, sunburns and insect bites. Photo: KRY

The most common summer ailments

Summer is Sunshine and bathing, strawberries, fields of flowers and mountain hikes. But summer can also be runny tummy, insect bites and sunburns, reminds specialist in General Medicine Torleif Jansen in KRY. He does not wish to be a spoil sport, but wants to provide some sound advice to limit potential discomforts.


Holiday tummy

Most of us have experienced the holiday stomach, which can range from diarrhea, to a little bit of queasy stomach with gas and looser stools than usual. When we move around, we change our usual meal pattern. We eat at different times; we eat unusual foods and are exposed to other bactera than those we are used to from home.

-To prevent this from happening, hand hygiene is incredibly important. Wash your hands thoroughly before and after eating. A very good alternative is alcohol-based hand disinfection gel if you do not have access to soap and hot water. If you have a delicate stomach, you may want to eat sour milk products containing probiotics, or lactic acid bacteria in tablet form, such as Idoform. Start a short while before you travel and continue through your vacation is the advice from the specialist.

Otherwise, the experienced doctor can tell us that freshly boiled or cooked food that is served in a correct manner are safe and the same goes for fruit and vegetables that you wash or peel yourself using clean water.

Fierce insects

In addition to dangerous bacteria, there are also fierce insects that are abundant during the summer. Most people get stung experience mild reactions, such as swelling, pain and red skin around the sting, which starts to itch after a while.

-In most cases, insect bites are not dangerous for those who are otherwise sound and healthy. It can however be very irritating. Some tips I can however provide if you’re among the unlucky ones. Remove the sting as quickly as possible if it is left in the skin. Cool the sting using cold water, ice or a wet cloth. And when itchy, is sore or experience pain, you can lubricate using an anti-itch salve or local anesthetic cream, says Jansen.

Scary moles

The insects are not the only thing that can lead to itching; the Sun can do as well. Norwegians are high on the list of mole cancer cases. Excessive sun bathing and sunburns increase the risk of this and other types of skin cancer.

-The most important thing is to use good sun protection to avoid getting burned. If your luck has run out, start by leaving direct Sunlight as soon as you notice signs of being burned. Apply a rich moisturizer several times daily. Aloe vera may be soothing and has a cooling effect on the skin. Ibuprofen or Paracetamol can also relieve the discomfort. First and foremost, the advice from the doctor is to remember to apply sunscreen with a high factor.

Torleif Jansen is a Senior GP at the Video Doctors Service Centre available on mobile devices and follows you where you go in the summer. And if you need assistance or is wondering about something health-related, the KRY doctor is never more than half an hour away.

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