60% to spend summer holiday in Norway

Cabin Holiday Cabin, Summer Holiday"Going to the cabin" is still a favourite of Norwegians. Photo NTM

6 out of 10 Norwegians will spend the summer holiday in Norway this year

Last year’s record-warm summer has had an impact on Norwegians’ summer holiday and travel habits this year. This emerges in a travel survey that FINN travel has carried out in collaboration with Opinion.

While last year’s travel survey showed that more than 70 per cent of Norwegians went abroad during the summer holiday, only 50 per cent of respondents answers the same this year. The reason is quite clear: many answers that they intend to spend all or part of the summer at home in Norway.

“Both the travel survey and figures from FINN travel show that there are more that will be holidaying in Norway this year. This is probably related to the fantastic summer we experienced last year. Several have also been affected by the climate debate, and are to spend their holidays at nearby destinations. Norway as a holiday destination ranks high,” Commercial Director of FINN travel, Terje Berge explains.

Top destinations in Norway

Among the destinations that are most sought after with regard to summer holidays here at home, Sørlandet, Western Norway and Northern Norway are at the top. Oslo is, additionally, a popular destination for many, according to the survey.

“Southern Norway is generally very popular in the summer with its ocean and bathing opportunities. Additionally, we see that more and more Norwegians want to go to Western Norway, which is an incredibly beautiful destination. Oslo is sought after for those who may not have access to its offer in their immediate vicinity every day,” Berge continues, adding:

“Northern Norway, with Lofoten at the forefront, has also been a very popular holiday destination for some years now. Figures from FINN travel show that searches for flights to destinations such as Hammerfest, Leknes and Svolvær have more than doubled in the last three years. One also sees an increase of tickets sold to Northern Norway of almost 15 per cent compared to last year, so that people wanting to travel northwards during the holidays, is a trend that only increases.”

A large increase in cabin rental prices

Last year’s record warm summer has not only made more Norwegians choose to stay at home this summer, but we want to do it at the cabin!

A total of 45 per cent of the respondents to this year’s survey answer that they will spend all or part of the summer holidays in Norway at their own, or family-owned, cottage. Similarly, 35 per cent responded the same last year.

Also, cabins and holiday homes in Norway have become more sought after, with more than 20 per cent of this year’s respondents reporting that they are planning to rent during the summer holidays – compared to 17 per cent last year.

While mountain destinations are the most sought after in the winter months, places along the coast are the most popular in the summer, recent figures from FINN travel show. Among the most sought-after destinations for the summer (from April to date), we find coastal towns/villages such as Kristiansand, Kragerø, Hvaler and Stavern.

The number of Norwegians who have been looking for holiday homes and cabins for rent for the summer holidays is also higher (6 per cent) than at the corresponding time last year, and the number of bookings for holiday homes and cottages via FINN’s travel’s professional partners has increased by 5 per cent compared to the same period in 2018.

“In winter we saw that the most popular rental areas for were places with good skiing opportunities, such as Trysil, Hemsedal, Hafjell, Geilo, Norefjell and Sjusjøen. In the summer we see that people to a larger extent are pulling towards the coast, with its ocean, boat and bathing life, although there are many who love to be in the mountains during the summer holidays as well,” the Commercial Director elaborates.


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Make money on your holiday home

According to Berge, there is so much demand for holiday homes and cabins for rent (both at home and abroad) now that you can earn good money from renting out, especially during public holidays. In the most popular areas, there are few available rental properties in high season, so make sure to secure your favourite early.

“If you own a cabin or a holiday home that you do not use so much during public holidays, it is a great deal of money to make from renting it out via FINN travel. Renting out can also help cover the cost of possessing and maintaining it,” Berge of FINN Travel concludes.

Most searched domestically on holiday homes and cottages on FINN travel 

  1. Kristiansand
  2. Sørlandet 
  3. Kragerø
  4. Hvaler
  5. Stavern
  6. Østfold
  7. Vestfold
  8. Telemark
  9. Tjøme
  10. Hordaland
  11. Grimstad
  12. Risør
  13. Kristiansand Dyrepark (Zoo)
  14. Larvik
  15. Sandefjord
  16. Oslofjorden
  17. Arendal
  18. Trysil
  19. Hemsedal
  20. Lillesand

(figures from April until today)

About the survey

The travel survey was carried out by FINN Travel in collaboration with Opinion in April 2019. It is a Nationwide web survey with 1,000 respondents, carried out by e-mail. The questions regard travel plans and preferences for 2019, focusing on the summer holidays.

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